Your Partner in Technology-driven Growth.

Yes. That is what we are. We are a partner in your journey. We are a partner who strategizes and innovates. We are a partner who walks the path before you do so that your walk is unhindered. We are a partner who codes and tests. We are a partner who works with you to create a transition from today to a better tomorrow. We are a bunch of technologists.

Innovare was built on invention, on the belief that an idea can spark a sea of change and transform the world in wonderful ways. Invention is at the heart of human progress and at the heart of the mobile industry, and both are at the heart of our business.


Our Journey !

First Client - Served

Key Implementation in Augmented Reality. Steps forwarded in Project enhancements, Lead Nurturing & customer retention.

First Product Initialed

Innovare officially registered. Expanded its range of services & brought focus to web design & development and started serving customers.

Product Market Ready

We completed our 361 degree approach in channel optimization and support infrastructure. Expanded operations with new platforms with sustainable dependable Revenue Model.


In order to celebrate and mark a new chapter of our company. We developed our new identity and colors in the form of SCIFIKIDS app.

Awarded The Best Innovative Kids Edu App

Innovare is today a one of the one-stop solution for application design and development and serving a worldwide clientele, honored with "Best Innovative EduApp Award".

We are now all around the world

We established our branches in USA, DUBAI, OMAN and SWEDEN.

Strategy & Story

Innovare is poised to be the next great innovation

We take pride in the fact that we maintain a professional work team made up of competent professionals who are always willing to give the best services that they can provide. consistency, quality and reliability characterize our operations.

our mission is to develop consistent and sustainable solutions that suits our clients needs best.

Excellence in providing top notch it solutions along with the best of personnel in the industry allow us to achieve consistent top quality in all our endeavours.

Our Philosophy

More than just making things look imaginable.

With the philosophy of Idea, Innovate and Inspire, Innovare IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. aims and brings across cutting edge futuristic IT solutions in the form of services and products to clients, giving them a competitive advantage in evolving digital market.

Everything beings with an idea and the value of the idea lies in its usage.

Complementary Experiences and Expertise, Synchronous Leadership with Omni Directional Thoughts

Design & Development

The stuff you con't feel until you experience it.

Deep expertise in AR/VR/MR with 20+ early developers with 4+ years of Experience in Field.

Co-creating the future

Progress, with purpose - Innovare.

We’ve made it our business to help others build amazing things. Things like the devices that connect people, places, things and ideas. Things that make life easier – and better. by setting our sights on the future and investing ahead of the mobile industry, we’re solving big challenges and propelling the ecosystem forward, faster.

Great Pool

Say cheese!

A massive pool of 100+ on demand consultants, with innovative and quality delivery experience.